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Arlo Technologies es una empresa de automatización del hogar que fabrica cámaras inalámbricas y sistemas de seguridad para el hogar. Arlo es propiedad de Netgear.

Lugares Más Afectados de Arlo

Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

Lugar Reportes
Cheltenham, England 1
Shelton, WA 1
London, England 1
Norwich, England 1
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 1
Maintal, Hessen 1
Toledo, OH 1
Delray Beach, FL 1
Sant Andreu de Llavaneres, Catalunya 1
Oklahoma City, OK 1

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Arlo Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de Arlo

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Valerio D'Alessio 🇮🇹 (@valdal14) reportó

    Is there a nice guy in @ArloSmartHome that can help me resetting a baby Arlo camera that all of a sudden stopped working? Bear in mind all the public troubleshooting guides didn’t fixed the ‘fixed amber light’ and the factory reset can’t be done since the camera does nothing. Thx

  • Eric Schembri (@EricSchembri) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome support told me I had a bad battery and he was shocked it lasted 3 years. Said most customers replace batteries within 3-6 months. Why would I invest more money in you guys?

  • Robert Lomas (@Dr_Robert_Lomas) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Why is your help system so useless? You have introduced trusted devices and a clunky two-step verification with no help topics on how to add any other trusted devices. It's totally unimpressive. Your tweet in reply looks like a robot tweet. Do you have an email support address?

  • Doug Ashford (@DougAshford) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Listen to your customer need to fix the 2FA mess!

  • Doug Ashford (@DougAshford) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome please either cancel botched 2FA rollout or fix it.

  • Bill Child (@djmisterbill) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome I wasted most of my morning waiting for an online rep to help me with a camera sync issue. After a couple of troubleshooting attempts, the rep asked me if I could wait 3-5 minutes (no problem, of course). Around the 7 minute mark, the chat ended due to inactivity.

  • Gayle Watson (@Writermagik) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome I enabled two step verification, but it won't let me "Trust" my cell phone. When I tap "Trust" I get a red bar and it says to do this in settings. I don't see the option in settings. Please help. Thanks!

  • walcy.carroll (@carroll_walcy) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Help please, 4 days with little support, and 2 days no phone calls from the engineering team, case number - 41952138

  • Finchwizard (@Finchwizard) reportó

    @ravives @ArloSmartHome Anyone who likes this bugged out beta tested crappy product hasn’t used it enough or are flat out lying. It’s absolute garbage. My Arlo Q is still just sitting there “Connecting” forever ever. Might work once after a reboot and then gone again.

  • Madan (@madanbabu) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Super let down by your technology. I’ve got a case open and I’m still waiting for an escalation point to reach out.

  • Nan Brewer (@BrewerETC) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Recent update has eliminated access to cameras with 15% (or lower) battery power. This is a NEW PROBLEM and needs to be fixed - we should have access to our cameras until they reach 0% battery as in the past!

  • Chad Smith (@Brausmith) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome Soon to be zero products if you continue with the forced, and terrible implementation of your 2nd-factor authentication at the end of this month.

  • Jon Powell (@jgplv1) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome 65 minutes on hold and still no help

  • Jon Powell (@jgplv1) reportó

    @ArloSmartHome what good is your tech if I can't get someone to help me with a 16 camera order? Covid is no excuse for no service.

  • Vic Angelo (@MikeAngelovic) reportó

    @ravives @ArloSmartHome @HomeDepot Garbage company. They won’t respond to or assist customers. Just keep selling and then hide and block any posts or comments.

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