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El siguiente mapa de fallos muestra las ubicaciones más recientes en todo el mundo donde los usuarios de informaron sus problemas e interrupciones. Si tiene un problema con y su área no aparece en la lista, asegúrese de enviar un reporte a continuación.

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Por el momento, no detectamos problemas con ¿Estás teniendo problemas o interrupciones? Déjanos un mensaje en los comentarios. fue fundada en 2001 y está regulada en varios países. Ofrece plataformas comerciales robustas tanto para el nuevo operador como para el profesional. Su empresa matriz es GAIN Capital Holdings.

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Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:
Lugar Reportes
West Rembo, National Capital Region 4
Houston, TX 3
Toronto, ON 2
St. Petersburg, FL 2
Fort Worth, TX 2
Baton Rouge, LA 2
Irvine, CA 2
Los Angeles, CA 2
Fargo, ND 1
Bardstown, KY 1
Dallas, GA 1
Philadelphia, PA 1
Preston, England 1
Dallas, TX 1
Miami, FL 1
New Orleans, LA 1
Caldwell, ID 1
Willimantic, CT 1
Gretna, LA 1
Mississauga, ON 1
Fayetteville, NC 1
Brooklyn, NY 1
Blythewood, SC 1
Salem, MA 1
Dublin, Leinster 1
Cypress, CA 1
Midland, TX 1
Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg Region 1
Peru, IN 1
Kraków, Województwo Małopolskie 1
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Reportes de Fallos de

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Sahid (@itz_sahid) reportó

    @_5andman_ @FOREXcom Do you mean it will be bullish this week, or will turn down.. i think Oil rigs are recovering.

  • Theresa Hernandez (@boosman555) reportó

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  • John Bailey (@TheOriginalJAB) reportó

    @FOREXcom Twitter doesn't like it when I tell advertisers who cram commercials into my feed what I really think of them ... So now I will just tell you that I will NEVER buy any product or utilize any service from any company that pumps garbage onto my page

  • Richie Ryna (@Reiner_Richie) reportó

    @MariaNedkova2 @FOREXcom Yes, thanks. Good to know it's not my login. Down for me the whole weekend as well. Notification would have been great. Just wanted to check my performance last week.

  • Maria Nedkova (@MariaNedkova2) reportó

    @FOREXcom Looks like your service is down Can’t log in to my account since yesterday and no agents are available to help. So disappointed

  • Maria Nedkova (@MariaNedkova2) reportó

    @FOREXcom Looks like your service is down Can’t log in to my account since yesterday and no agents are available to help. So disappointed

  • Devon dave (@SiberianMouse) reportó

    @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom I keep getting an error on the app when I log in. I haven’t been able to log in all weekend

  • Reza (@RaayanFX) reportó

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  • L J K (@MrMuthamaki) reportó

    @FOREXcom Your Site is Down Error 504

  • Gabe elnemer (@gankiskan) reportó

    @FOREXcom very bad company

  • sniper (@COCAINEANDH0ES) reportó

    @FOREXcom fix yall spreads

  • Thiago (@Thiago06202663) reportó

    @FOREXcom @RoboForexGlobal this company stole my and my friends' money! they are denying the solution, we are making the source code available for investigations and they say that the error came from my terminal. they are robbing thousands of people and I was one of them.

  • Zikria Ijaz (@ZikriaIjaz1) reportó

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  • Zikria Ijaz (@ZikriaIjaz1) reportó

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  • Zikria Ijaz (@ZikriaIjaz1) reportó

    @JoeP_FOREXcom @FOREXcom You guys not giving money of my wife we all are in trouble of crona

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