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GDAX es una casa de cambio de criptomonedas que ofrece a las instituciones y profesionales la capacidad de comerciar con una variedad de monedas digitales como Bitcoin, Ethereum y más en un intercambio regulado basado en los EE. UU. GDAX es propiedad y está operado por Coinbase.

Lugares Más Afectados de GDAX

Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

Lugar Reportes
Tampa, FL 1
Tunkhannock, PA 1
Oakland, CA 1
Laakirchen, Oberösterreich 1
Mount Hunter, NSW 1

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GDAX Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de GDAX

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • (@CryptoRektio) reportó

    1/So I run into a stupid problem. I send ERC20 token from an exchange to a new eth addy but I didn't have ETH gas to transfer it out. My options were: "dig up" cold storage> meh Ask twitter/discord > meh Go to an exchange, buy some ETH and send it: Binance/gdax/huobi/Kraken/trex/

  • Andrew Redden (@androolloyd) reportó

    @tobyxbt @djhfhasfdshy @Koning_Marc @inversebrah with GDAX the reimbursed because the issue was on their side, and the system didn't work as intended, in the case of BM, It sounds like working as intended.

  • C R Y P T O K E E P E R (ScaryFace) (@CalyptoEl) reportó

    @kobratrading @CoinbasePro I’ve never had an issue, been trading since it was GDAX. Fees are reasonable if your a MAKER not a TAKER. Try to keep my trades in the green, paying for that trade is part of the GAME! But yea whatever fukem

  • [object Object] (@0xBanana) reportó

    @spoonbandits Gdax will hold me down then

  • Shooter boomer McGavin (@getderb) reportó

    i think gdax just had a wick down to $7700, refreshed my screen n its gone. #btc

  • Crypto Serge 🥃💸🛩🏖💵 (@01surge) reportó

    @Original_HODLer @coinbase @brian_armstrong @metalpaysme Coinbase has a @GDAX where you can buy and trade at much lower fees. Customers service is good, I personally spoken with them vs phone several times. Each time all my issues were resulted with in minutes and no problems. Not to mention @coinbase is insured up to $250,000 USD

  • Zachary Chaltiel (@CryptoZach710) reportó

    @ErikVoorhees @ShapeShift_io I have kinda an issue with the repeated line about zero commission or trade fees since there is a markup between the buy and the sell price. That’s a fee, a true fee free exchange was gdax when it started where it’s P2P and if you are a market makers there was not fees.

  • Artificial Intelligence Currencies (@AICurrencies) reportó

    A lot of cryptocurrencies have very thin real depth on major exchanges. Example, GDAX Litecoin / over 200,000 ltc listed on the sell side but buyer depth down to $10 is around 110,000. Many more ltc are not listed on the sell side but will dump in a crash.

  • Cecilia Glennon (@CeciliaGlennon) reportó

    @Deus___Vox @RolloMcFloogle @birdarchist It is self-explanatory on the Coinbase site. Very easy, and yes, there are fees. I use Coinbase Pro, which is related (same login, it used to be called GDAX). The fees are lower, and it's free to send out from Coinbase Pro. But it's not as easy as regular Coinbase.

  • Rick (@derrick198S) reportó

    @RichardHeartWin @zhusu This is deribits fault for not excluding outliers in real time. Gdax went down and the API sent out a 4k price. Bitmex was able to filter that out but deribits shit code didn't and the index took a nosedive

  • Act (@longbtcactnow) reportó desde Mascouche, Québec

    @BTC_JackSparrow 8270 then down. Gdax

  • KDAALLDAY (@kdaallday) reportó

    @Kevin_Cage_ @cashflownexus @BinanceAmerica I've never had to use coinbase pro to deposit into another wallet. I've moved to uphold and binance with no issues. I would transfer when it was Gdax to binance to trade for XRP before we had direct access to it.

  • Vitalz the Autistic crypto bot (@VitalzAutism) reportó

    not over” - DOWN: $604.800000 $eth #eth #ethereum #bitcoin #bitcoincrash #gdax #bittrex #binance #ltc #litecoin #ICO #fintech

  • Sephiroth (@Sephir_ETH) reportó

    If $BTC goes full bull we will look into accumulating GDAX alts for the long haul and looking for scammy exchange flips with Bitcoin crumbs. Alts will continue to get slaughtered, btc can run to 30k but one thing thats probable is it will come down and it will come down hard

  • Tom Foolery, OB/GYN (@Chyld) reportó

    @TasteTestFilms @SatoshiFlipper I got more at 2.20 when it wicked down to it on "Gdax" yesterday. Very happy. Did not think it would fill. Just barely did and for a nano second. Boom.

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