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IG es el mayor corredor de Forex y distribuidor de CFD del mundo. La compañía ofrece acceso global a una línea de productos integral que incluye divisas, índices bursátiles, acciones individuales, sectores de acciones, materias primas, criptomonedas, bonos y tasas de interés en una variedad de plataformas de comercio móvil y basadas en la web de nivel profesional.

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Reportes de fallos e interrupciones de los últimos 15 días se originaron desde:

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Roldán, Región de Murcia 1

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IG Comentarios

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Reportes de Fallos de IG

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:
  • Aaron (@iamchefaaron) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Can you please fix my account, somebody emailed me and it's been days no response, everything is verified, but I can't activate my account. the guy in the email said it was because my employment information was missing.

  • Jon Bradley Staf (@jonstaf) reportó

    @IGcom Very Poor Service from U. No reply to Call or Email. I DON'T RECCOMEND. 👎👎👎

  • lesley (@ltgonah) reportó

    @IGClientHelp I've raised my funding issue with you for the past 2 weeks and no one is taking any action. Given the reputation you have, you are starting to look like fraudsters now. I'm deeply disappointed

  • Lord Moultrie 🇬🇧 (@LordMoultrie) reportó

    Been on the wrong bias every day this week. Worst week I’ve ever had. Gave it all back! Enjoy my money @IGcom Spend it wisely 😂 Will not be tweeting any trading advice anymore!

  • Anthony Hill (@21ant) reportó

    @IGClientHelp Hi, I sent an email last night regarding the outage and a loss I am carrying. Could I ask you to reply today please as I want to close it off before the weekend

  • AlwaysHedge (@Alwayshedge1) reportó

    @ZoneBoner @IGClientHelp @Danny03974361 They do not reply or pick up their phone. Their platform only goes down when market volatility is at it's highest. Definitely something fishy going on with this broker.

  • RionTheSadPanda (@RionTheSadPanda) reportó

    @IGcom Still cannot access the mobile app. I have reinstalled, still not working.

  • Equity Investments (@EquityInvestme2) reportó

    @tozzer121 @IGcom #IGG Absolutely shocking service pi's losing money & they dont care - just send you to the Financial Ombudsman Service, making you go through system to get refund, rather than accepting responsibility & doing it voluntarily. At least the staff are all getting big bonuses.

  • stedFX (@stedrosuk) reportó

    @IGClientHelp No inconvenience yet, but don’t want to be in a position when I’m making moves and the platform goes down on me

  • ig.com is a scam (@ZoneBoner) reportó

    @IGClientHelp they have an office in downtown chicago, its easier to visit, td Ameritrade doesn't **** their customers

  • Johan (@JohanDXB) reportó

    @IGcom I can't cancel one of my orders and I wanted to pass another order ! Yesterday I lost during 10K during the bug and now you are having more issues today...

  • MBTrading (@MBdaytrading) reportó

    @IGcom down again shocking

  • JT (@getcakedpinhook) reportó

    Couldnt write it, @IGcom down again for third time in 12 hours!

  • mafaanyao (@mafaanyao) reportó

    @IGClientHelp It's not. The issues are still there. Why are you lying. Still cannot access positions again. Nonsense response.

  • Deep Chawla MRAeS (@chawlad24) reportó

    @UnCommo63261329 @IGcom Same Problem this Morning 😰

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