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CMC Markets es una empresa con sede en el Reino Unido que ofrece comercio en línea de acciones, apuestas diferenciadas, contratos por diferencia (CFD) y divisas en los mercados mundiales. CMC tiene su sede en Londres, con centros en Sydney y Singapur. Está listada en la Bolsa de Londres.

Problemas en las últimas 24 horas

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Gráfico de fallos de CMC Markets 11/29/2023 08:15

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Problemas Más Reportados

Los siguientes son los problemas más recientes informados por los usuarios de CMC Markets a través de nuestro sitio web.

  1. Plataforma de Trading (42%)

    Plataforma de Trading (42%)

  2. Login (36%)

    Login (36%)

  3. Website (19%)

    Website (19%)

  4. Retiros (3%)

    Retiros (3%)

Mapa de interrupciones en vivo

La mayoría de reportes de fallos e interrupciones se originaron en

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City Problem Type Report Time
AustraliaSydney Plataforma de Trading
AustraliaMelbourne Plataforma de Trading
AustraliaSydney Login
CanadaVancouver Login
United KingdomNottingham Login
United KingdomRipon Login
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Reportes de Fallos de CMC Markets

Los últimos problemas e interrupciones reportados en social media:

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Give a margin call on certain stocks late Friday evening 2 hours before US close and your app goes down before Asia open. Terrible service 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Give a margin call on certain stocks late Friday evening 2 hours before US close then your app goes down before Asia open 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • The4DTrader 4DTrader (@The4DTrader) reportó

    Dafuq is @CMCMarkets doing with their bullshit maintenance at this time? I gotsta make moneyz

  • MadnessDemand Demand Madness (@MadnessDemand) reportó

    @CMCMarkets why cant i login to my account

  • eloi1975 INDY MacroTrader (@eloi1975) reportó

    @DreAviation @CMCMarkets yes it seems everyonef is having this issue. Doesnt recognise log in details and asks to call customer service. How ******** can a broker like @CMCMarkets have so many technical problems. Get ur act together.

  • depechedmodem John (@depechedmodem) reportó

    @mhewson_CMC @CMCMarkets 'Mister Speaker, whenever I borrow more money the #gbp surges. The #FX market is clueless - but like my smile. They believe me. Mr Speaker this government is committed to ending #climatechange which is why we've shut the economy down and intend to close all pubs. It'll.....

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @liamwatson112 @Gm8nF @CMCMarkets I had the same problem with IG, they ripped me off by increasing the entry position sizes in the middle of open trades. So far I have not encountered any serious problems with this platform provider. IG don't even want to talk to you when they're clearly in the wrong! #Forex

  • NishRK12 RT (@NishRK12) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Platform down! Fix it, please asap.

  • ryangraydj Ryan Gray (@ryangraydj) reportó

    @CMCMarkets I filled a registration with you, and you sent me an e-mail in order to prove my identity with a service named IDnow. The thing is the service is in German and only provides proof of identity for German citizens. How can we solve this and proceed with my application?

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Your platform is down. Pls fix

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @_Cdott @CMCMarkets I'm having the same problem

  • jpm19404574 jpm (@jpm19404574) reportó

    @CMCMarkets scheduled maintenance wasn’t even scheduled

  • nate_itsme Nate (@nate_itsme) reportó

    @CMCMarkets @OptoCMC @CMCMarkets meanwhile you guys stopping shorting on GME & AMC, why? You are as bad as Robinhood.

  • Jb1Steve Steve James. 2❌ (@Jb1Steve) reportó

    @CMCMarkets ‘Staying apart Together’ ? What kind of oxymoron bullshit slogan I’d that then ? Who came up with that gem ? How about 👇 ‘Swivel 180 And **** Off in Sharp **** Hot Steps’ 👍

  • Chris_Kelly94 Chris Kelly (@Chris_Kelly94) reportó

    @liamwatson112 @CMCMarkets No bro. Everyone having the same problem

  • Gm8nF Geo (@Gm8nF) reportó

    @CMCMarkets Of course it is 🤨 i suspect we will be let back in our accounts once all the big dogs have covered their arses and they tell you that its safe to open to retail again! Criminal. I’ll be withdrawing my funds and so should every other customer!

  • andrelondonuk Risk On (@andrelondonuk) reportó

    @CMCMarkets can you get your sort the log on issues also take the we are closed off your telephone answering machine.

  • DreAviation Dre_Aviation (@DreAviation) reportó

    @CalumKemp @CMCMarkets I managed to login just now, please try again... as usual no updates from CMC....

  • andrelondonuk Risk On (@andrelondonuk) reportó

    @_Cdott @CMCMarkets I am having the same issue and the phone lines are saying their closed wtf

  • forex1074 Forex1074 (@forex1074) reportó

    @DreAviation @CMCMarkets yes - can't log into my account and it tells me to ring the customer service number - which doesn't connect!

  • ch00nz anthony leiper (@ch00nz) reportó

    @CMCMarkets i cant login. have reset my password and still cant login. live chat isnt responding either. amazing service

  • GunnerMighty Mighty Gunner (@GunnerMighty) reportó

    @CMCMarkets is the platform down. I can't login

  • svamson Svamson (@svamson) reportó

    @CMCMarkets log in not working and password reset isn't working either. Can you sort this out asap pls

  • nick_allied nick smith (@nick_allied) reportó

    @CMCMarkets problems logging in again tonight, the weekends update didn’t go well then?

  • markbryde Mark Bryden (@markbryde) reportó

    @CMCMarkets I had a stop loss at 26.90 , but it didn’t kick in till 28.86. Also wouldn’t let me buy for a period after open. Anyone else have issues

  • RM_Trader RM_Trader (@RM_Trader) reportó

    @RaoulGMI apparently @CMCMarkets in UK not allowing users to login, A sign of the **** show to come - maybe

  • DreAviation Dre_Aviation (@DreAviation) reportó

    @CMCMarkets is there a problem with the platofrm? am having login usual your telephone lines are "busy", please update. Is anyone else also having this issue?

  • qamar_hussain1 Qamar Hussain (@qamar_hussain1) reportó

    @andrelondonuk @markbryde @CMCMarkets I am going to complain about IG to them, they blatantly ripped me off, they're a cowboy outfit!

  • markbryde Mark Bryden (@markbryde) reportó

    @CMCMarkets I had a stop on silver at 26.90 but didnt stop till it hit 28.86 put there was a period after open when it would let me buy anyone else have problems

  • presbeatz Presbeatz (@presbeatz) reportó

    @andrelondonuk @CMCMarkets My cfd pro account just let me in but mt4 and spreadbet still down