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Cryptopia is una casa de cambio de cripto-monedas con sede en Nueva Zelandia. Cryptopia también ofrece mining pools y subastas.

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Gráfico de fallos de Cryptopia 04/17/2021 06:50

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La mayoría de reportes de fallos e interrupciones se originaron en:
GermanyMunich Website
FranceLa Garenne-Colombes Transacciones
FranceLa Garenne-Colombes Retiros
GermanyHagen Login
CanadaCoquitlam Website
United StatesCorona Login

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Reportes de Fallos de Cryptopia

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  • tuaddio tuaddio741 (@tuaddio) reportó

    @ashwsbreal I lost my doge in cryptopia shutdown playing help out bro

  • sarth55906370 sarth (@sarth55906370) reportó

    @KuskLeon Sir thank u for giving back to community. When i entered to crypto space I got scammed by 1 guy . lost few crypto in cryptopia , lost 0.14 btc in trading . Now I have few Alts . But all this I learnt in crypto space will help me in my future . Crypto to the moon .

  • SpineIIa spinz (@SpineIIa) reportó

    But more like CRYPTOPIA dont wanna give me my **** back

  • gabwashere__ average mac demarco fan :( (@gabwashere__) reportó

    @aejb_ Cryptopia the site got hacked in like 2019

  • msegecs Segecs (@msegecs) reportó

    @GrantThorntonNZ Cryptopia is not providing assistance via email! But how can I get help if I can't open the ticket?

  • msegecs Segecs (@msegecs) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ Cryptopia is not providing assistance via email! But how can I get help if I can't open the ticket?

  • ADVBALRAJREDDY balraj ram reddy (@ADVBALRAJREDDY) reportó

    @jacindaardern Please help us # Our lot of money is stuck with cryptopia exchange Like me most of the people from other countries are not able to represent in legal proceedings going in your country I am sure you will help us

  • ImTrizzy Trizzy (@ImTrizzy) reportó

    I held a significant amount of dogecoin from 2017 on cryptopia about 10-15 worth and I'm finding out they shut down recently. ffs

  • _breannafaye Breanna Faye (@_breannafaye) reportó

    @crypto_rasmus @Cryptopia_NZ check all old emails. also, access the account you used to fund your cryptopia account. i managed to get access this way

  • jackysevell Sevell (@jackysevell) reportó

    @wsbpage Cryptopia doge hodler here.. help me out guys!

  • BleepBlaa Have one yes. (@BleepBlaa) reportó

    @maxenjin @boxmining No i did not my enj was stolen on #cryptopia when they went down.

  • IndieGamesWTF Indie Games WTF ✪ (@IndieGamesWTF) reportó desde Brugherio, Lombardia

    @GrantThorntonNZ I don’t remember the email that I used to register on cryptopia... are there any chances for me to access the liquidations? I’be probably disregarded the email that linked to the claim portal... how can I try to get my money back? thank you

  • viveknairp Vivek Nair 🇮🇳 卐 🕉️ (@viveknairp) reportó

    @priyaakulkarni2 yes and no. I did some trading on Cryptopia but it shut down. Now there is a court case going on and recovering the account is a mess. They need you to remember your account id and password even though you have 2FA. And with the current seesaw attitude by IN gov, it is no for me.

  • londoneye1111 Londoneye (@londoneye1111) reportó

    @GrantThorntonNZ cryptopia password not working. Forgor passwort not working. Pls help me

  • Biswana48459860 Biswanath Rout (@Biswana48459860) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ Fake cryptopia !!!!they don't give us our fund and also I am not able to log in in my account.

  • Shane34017886 Shane 🧲 (@Shane34017886) reportó

    If you ever feel down. Know that my father lost 5 million dogecoin on his cryptopia wallet when they got hacked. Current mc he would have 500k. 😭

  • Isaac96748073 Isaac (@Isaac96748073) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ Am beginning to think Cryptopia is scam.just create a new website,replace customers tokens,then ask us to log in with our old logins.that soo simple.u mean to tell me,they were not having a back up data of customers.crazt.i thought these Whites don't steal ooh.

  • Secoh2000 The Art Fella 🖌️ (@Secoh2000) reportó

    @Atimist Defunct exchange called cryptopia. Courts have been working for a few years to release the assets. They were shut down due to a ransom attack.

  • tjcruise04 Ted Cruise (@tjcruise04) reportó

    @MacnBTC I was down 90% now up 120% and cryptopia still holds an unknown amount of my crypto. One thing that keeps me going knowing I hold DOGE in that account. Scammers and lost souls. BITCONNECT, Coin Lawyer and Findacoin. Where art thou?

  • AdamCPX Adamo (@AdamCPX) reportó

    I'm have Doge locked on cryptopia someone help 🆘🆘🆘 @Cryptopia_NZ

  • Mr_Rolph Martin (@Mr_Rolph) reportó desde Islington, England

    @WeakHandsWilli1 @MarcCox36038396 @RookieXBT I did exactly the same in 2017 plus rekt on cryptopia etc, portfolio down about 95% didn’t even look at any wallets till last year, only starting to actually make money recently, patience is key!

  • BREEZY_A_BOSS BREEZY (@BREEZY_A_BOSS) reportó desde Birmingham, Alabama

    I wish Cryptopia @Cryptopia_NZ @CryptopiaRescue would hurry tf up WITH MY ****. ❗❗

  • DromeyBob Bob Dromey (@DromeyBob) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ has anyone had ZERO success claiming their crypto from Cryptopia, they have made it almost impossible, who has that type of specific information.. It's been 4 years!

  • alienathia Aliena Thia (@alienathia) reportó

    And I bet they took down cryptopia due to that alt that someone was keeping selling, or they saw me monitoring it. 👌 and wanted to do that in another way.

  • alienathia Aliena Thia (@alienathia) reportó

    And I bet they took down cryptopia doing to that alt that someone was keeping selling, or they saw me monitoring it. 👌 and wanted to do that in another way.

  • ddv_88 DDV88 (@ddv_88) reportó

    @crypto_rasmus @Cryptopia_NZ How did you login? Did you use your cryptopia account credentials? Im getting error "incorrect email or password". Reset password doesnt work.

  • ZamZammPapi ************ (@ZamZammPapi) reportó

    @Cryptopia_NZ hi there cryptopia!!!! I’m hoping u can help... I forgot my login info. My 2fa isn’t working it’s not synced anymore. I’m based out of the US. Can you help me out?? I can provide my email account and other info if needed. Thank you!!!!!!

  • lfinchMO ₿laq₿eard 🌴🥃 (@lfinchMO) reportó

    @Hotbit_news Why hasn't the site comeback online? Is this a rug pull? Aka Cryptopia?

  • hawknd0 Mr. BalloonKnots (@hawknd0) reportó

    Oh and **** cryptopia. **** them right in the poop shoot. Not the first time “not your keys not your coin” moment for me but damn I hope it was the last.

  • uniqideal Fida Hussain (@uniqideal) reportó

    @PACcoinOfficial I need some help. i bought pac coin in 2018 from cryptopia web. later transfered to Pac coin wallet at tht time which was on their web for download. i didn't use tht wallet for while and now unable to recover coins from that wallet. Can you plz advise?